Busy Introverting

I truly, truly, try to stay out of the “introvert,” “extrovert” conversations because I really believe people are both introvert and extrovert, in different scenarios and due to certain circumstances. (I also think people use each categorization as an excuse for their natural tendencies, i.e. being antisocial, staying in their comfort zone, being “too loud,” etc.)


BUT.. I fall HARD, like face first clumsy hard, into an introvert mindset when it comes to work life, trying to be girl on top of the world, and *whispers for dramatic effect* BEING MYSELF. I have to tell you, I’m going to get out of my comfort zone here! I know what I want and I want what I want to be a success! So shut your mouth and keep reading. or don’t. I won’t really know either way.

As some may know, this is not my first attempt at a blog. Like, at all. There have been more dreams and attempts than any one of you noobs even know! I have great ideas, I get really motivated one night around 2 a.m., when the best ideas come (right? probably wrong. anyway), I pay the money, I go big, I spend all night and maybe the next couple of days diving HEAD FIRST into the blogging scene!!!! Only to wake up six months later having posted three blog posts, months apart, and only having three !loyal! subscribers. [What up mom, moms friend, and my exes mom!! (not a joke)]

So I’ve been thinking for a while, as my blog has been becoming more of a necessity with my boyfriend (he’s cute and smart, go me) and I adding The Female Analysis Shop to the mix, it’s pushed me to want to think more entrepreneurial and analytical about the why, how, and, again, WHY AND HOW of this whole thing!

In my thinking, I’ve realized the biggest barrier between the success I desire and the place I am now, is my unwillingness to step out of who the people around me think I am, into who I really I am. Again, to step out of the shadow of who everyone else, including myself sometimes, thinks that I am, and step INTO the person and the roles God has created me to be and set before me! I have this person in my head, the things in my head I want to say, things I want to do, actions I want to take, but when they misalign with the box the world has put me in, I shy away and step back into the box.

I see examples of this at work, in my desire to excel, go beyond, do the things I see needing to be done, but my reality of me being quiet, going along with the motions, and set in the ways of others around me. I see how a change in everyones work habits could make a great impact on the environment and success of the company, but often times choose to fall into their habits anyway. CONFORMITY IS NOT YOUR FRIEND!!!

I also see examples of this in this desire I’ve had for a successful website. I have the ideas. The ideas for posts, creative content, marketing techniques, networking, etc… But “people don’t want to see your work on social media, Cait. People want to see pictures of you and your boyfriend and that’s all.” Okay, I know thats not what people actually say, or want, but on my personal account, thats about all you get. Is this really true though? Your friends don’t want to see you succeed? Your friends don’t want to see you exploring and working in a field that you love? They don’t want to see you achieving your goals? Surely not..

I have to be honest with you. As much as I love a good meme about my pyramid scheme girls spamming every social account out there trying to make a sale, and how I might see another Arbonne, itWorks, or Monat post and roll my eyes inside, I do also follow all of my friends accounts for those businesses. And I do often check up on them, to see what new content they’ve come up with, and what new trip or reward they’ve won doing the business they are enjoying.

In reality, would it matter if I didn’t? Would they be enjoying what they’re doing any less, or making any less money from it? No.

My point, I guess, not sure really, is that 1. You will fail. (I have failed. Okay, I am failing.) But you’ll also learn! and succeed eventually! and without the failing, you wouldn’t have done the learning that led to the succeeding! (peep this wild news story about Lady Gaga’s peers making a Facebook group dedicated to telling her she’ll never be famous)

2. People won’t always be stoked for you. The same people who might be supporting you one day, might make a joke the next day that hurt a little. In the end, we take the support we get and we leave the rest behind. If someone wants to judge me a little for what I choose to do on social media, but they’re still one of the followers on the account, all I need from them is that number added to my follower count. Am I right or am I right??

3. STOP BEING AN INTROVERT IN ORDER TO AVOID BEING WHO YOU ARE. STEP OUT OF THAT BOX, MAKE THE CHOICE IN EACH SITUATION THAT MAKES YOU BETTER AT YOUR JOB, AT WHO YOU WANT TO BE, AND AT WHAT YOU WANT TO BE. I can be an introvert all day long while I lay in bed and binge That 70s Show while cuddling my dog. But I refuse to be an introvert at work and in my business any longer!!

(I would like to make one final note, that I am not suggesting that being an introvert = laziness or inability to leave your comfort zone. In my case, my being an introvert at work and on my blog/business is inhibiting my desire to stay in my comfort zone. Therefore, I am banishing “introvert” from those areas of my life.)

Join me next time on another episode of “Cait is ranting about God knows what while her boyfriend finishes a homework assignment” Stay tuned!

xoxo – Cait

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