Spring Fashion Trends / 2019

You may have missed the summary of the runways in January and February, but you’ve probably picked up on some of this Spring’s hottest fashion trends by taking a walk through any clothing store in the last couple weeks. Pops of neon, touches of detail such as a woven shoe or handbag, or all the animal print you can imagine are taking over the style scene this Spring and I am SO excited about it!

I’m going to do a quick overview of the trends going into the Spring season, and follow up over the next week with more detailed posts on how to include the on-trend pieces into your current wardrobe!

1. Animal Print

Animal print, animal print, and go ahead and throw in another animal print! This season is all about mixing prints, and using neon as a neutral! In my humble opinion, leopard print never left. But it is back and bigger than ever this season, as well as the ever-popular SNAKE SKIN! And yes, even zebra print is making it’s way back from its 2012 debut..

Dolce Vita Coltyn Booties, Amazon <$120
Sanctuary Leopard Cardigan, Bloomingdales, $109
Rebecca Minkoff Leo Croc / Bloomingdales / $148

2. Neon

The year is 1990, and neon is BACK! Okay, so it’s not 1990. But neon is definitely back, and Vogue has even gone as far to name it a neutral! Stay tuned for a post on mixing neons into your daily wardrobe.

Aqua Adele, Bloomingdales, $89
Women’s Neon Crop Top, $12.99

3. “Dream Weaver”

Woven details are all the buzz, and are being seen all over wedge heels, mule flats, and handbags of all sizes!

Via Spiga Espadrille Sandals, Bloomingdales, $195
SERPUI Destiny Basket Crossbody, Bloomingdales, $265

4. Tie Dyes

I’m particularly excited about this trend coming back around, because it all gives me mems from high school, tie dying shirts to wear to volleyball practice, and one time getting carried away tie-dyeing at a friends house that we dyed our socks, undies, and pretty much anything we could find that was white.. Anywho.

ATM Tie-Dye Sweatshirt & Skirt, Bloomingdales, $250, $350

5. Tie & Knot Accents

It’s allll about the details & design! Adding a knot to the front or back of a classic jumpsuit(jumpsuits are also all the rage this season, but if you’re new to that, you’re late).

FRENCH CONNECTION Floral Jumpsuit, Bloomingdales, $198

6. PVC!!!

Clearly, I’m excited about this one. This trend is being BLOWN AWAY in the world of shoes and handbags! Every brand is getting its own piece including PVC, and some are doubling up with PVC and Iridescence! The Aqua mules pictured below are THE CUTEST on!! & They’re comfortable for the price! Check them out on my insta here.

Iridescent Crossbody, The Female Analysis, $25.95(On Sale for $14.95)
AQUA Adele Mules from Bloomingdales ($89, 25% off between 4/8-4/15)


HELLO 70s styles making their way back around!!! I don’t know if you’ve ever needed a little height without killing yourself in heels, but this girl has and LOOOOVES a good platform shoe!

Kurt Geiger Platforms, Bloomingdales (Contact me for orders)

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